Roni Ginossar & Gon Halevi

Sing Sasha Argov

...Celebrating 100 years of great Israeli songs

Celebrating 100 years of great Israeli music

Roni and Gon Perform the Songs of Sasha Argov

The Songs of Sasha Argov – A new recording, and concert performed by Roni Ginosar & Gon Halevi


Roni and Gon offer a beautiful performance celebrating the 100th anniversary of Sasha Argov’s birth. A magical and soul-stirring dialogue between Roni’s vocals and Gon's piano playing and vocals takes us back to the beloved, generation-defining songs of Sasha Argov. Roni and Gon’s intimate musical collaboration explores the many dimensions of Sasha Argov’s fabulous work, creating a place where age and genre blend into a new inclusive musical space.

Roni Ginossar, singer, musical creator, graduate of “Rimon School of Music” in Israel and “Berklee college of Music” in Boston, has released two solo albums.

Gon Halevi, singer, pianist, composer and actor. Graduate of “Thelma Yellin”, winner of "Tsfunot Tarbut" scholarship, Keren Sharet, Keren Ronen and Keren Bochman. Gon is currently studying and performing in New York.

Musical arrangements, musical production and piano by Gon Halevi