Roni Ginossar & Gon Halevi

Sing Sasha Argov

...Celebrating 100 years of great Israeli songs

Celebrating 100 years of great Israeli music


“Throughout decades of professional work, I have been asked to write warm words about one performance or another. In most cases I managed to avoid this. In this case, however, I was struck by Roni and Gon’s spectacular qualities, like an arrow entering my heart. These two were able to fascinate the crowd with their fabulous voices, Gon’s virtuoso piano playing, and the wonderful combination of both voices. I highly recommend this production of Sasha Argov songs.
Nahum Heiman – Composer

“I highly recommend Roni and Gon’s performance. A wonderful evening of two great and exciting talents, who were able to create a refreshing rendition to Sasha Argov’s complicated songs, with their clear voices and magical musical arrangements. ”
Yair Nitzani – Musician, “Israel Hayom” newspaper columnist

“Gon HaLevi has been blessed with incredible musical talent of bountiful sensitivity. He managed to pluck on the strings of the heart and soul with his singing and spectacular musical arrangements. Roni Ginosar’s theatricality and musical warmth enter the depth of the soul. What more can you ask of two fabulous young performers?
Ora Binur – “Ma’ariv” newspaper Music Critic

“Talent, extraordinary musicality and creative imagination
are combined in a captivating and electric evening…”
Idit Zvi – Director of “Rubinstein Piano Contest”

“When I first heard them, I felt the same as I did when I first met Yoni Rechter, as he recorded “Tears of Angels”, and beforehand with Netanela, while recording “Dove Song”. We have a rare combination of a young and challenging performance, as well as respect and admiration of the original, as was composed by Sasha Argov”
Asher Bitansky – Music Enabler

“Roni’s delightful voice integrates perfectly with Gon’s endless range of notes. Spectacular arrangements at the highest level. An extraordinary experience, one moment after another of pure enjoyment”
Meir Swissa – Actor

“When such young talents show so much respect for veteran musicians – real culture is created! Roni and Gon are the continuous link that enables Sasha Argov’s compositions to remain immortal…”
Avinoam Koren – Songwriter

Album Review: “From the moment it is apparent that HaLevi and Ginoasr are wonderful singers, which occurs three seconds into the first song, the fact that they are young and anonymous is beneficial to the album, and raises its levels of freshness. With all respect to Matti Caspi and Hava Albertstein, we have already heard them beautifully perform Sasha Argov’s songs numerous times. We want to hear new voices do that. By the most part, these voices are not capable. Here are two who are indeed worthy”
Ben Shalev – “Ha’aretz” newspaper Music Critic

“One of the most exciting productions!”
Yoav Kutner – “Israel Hayom” newpaper Music Critic

“…Every generation – and its own version”. Is there anything else to renew? The 19 renditions by Roni Ginosar and Gon HaLevi (who arranged), shine a new, unique and refreshing light onto Sasha Argov’s songs, are special, refreshing and stem from the motivation to enjoy the treasures of the fabulous composer in a slightly different way, with arrangements to a single piano. Take, for example, the pause in “Hem Bazemer Hazeh” (“They are in this tune”) to transition to a different tempo, as if to say – it’s possible to have two versions in a single song. The point is to try out new arrangements, yet not to overshadow the fabulous melodies. To allow them to rule. This is the essence of the superb project by Gon HaLevi, who, in a few songs, is revealed as a singer with range and control of a classical singer, and is able to reach surprisingly high pitch. Highly imaginative arrangements, without “going wild”. His choice of Roni Ginosar – perfect. She has vocal abilities that surpass all that he required in this project…”
Yosi Harsonsky – “Harsonsky Music” Blog

Tripple single review:“… Sasha Argov is an Israeli classic. An aristocrat of the Hebrew song. The Caesar of harmony. His song always leads anew to a type of adventure. Begins in one scale and sails far away. The songs he composed contain Hebrew that is no longer written today. Argov chose words in order to give them the correct emphasis in melody, harmony, rhythm. As a classic – renditions to his songs are heard on the radio, routinely. That language does not frighten the new artists. Gon HaLevi is yet another musician who took on the challenge in a shared album with singer Roni Ginosar “When a Light Shines in Your Window”. Of the three songs, I will refer to “Ahuvati Sheli Livnat Tzavar” (“My white necked love”) [two others are - “Shir Eres” ("Lullaby"), “Zemer Ahava Layam” ("Love Song to the Sea")], known from the superb version by Edna Goren and Kobi Recht. A rendition is first and foremost the ability to take the song and arrange it so as to give it new light, often to create a new creation. The song begins elegantly and subtly with the vocals of Roni Ginosar. Piano played by Gon HaLevi guides back to the songs guidelines. The high-pitched vocals – a nice addition. The ending stretches the boundaries of the song – a piano and vocal transition that prefers dramatic externalization to lyric internalization. An interesting, unique and legitimate interpretation…”
Yosi Harsonsky – “Harsonsky Music” Blog

Performance Review:“… An Argovian experience you should not miss… Beautiful, touching, invigorating and exciting performances. Timeless, unattached to time and place, another link in the inter generational chain…”
Amos Oren – “Habama” Music Critic

“… Recently, I heard a new and exciting rendition by two young and relatively anonymous singers to the known song “Ahuvati Sheli Livnat Tzavar” (my white necked love) by Sasha Argov. This song is part of an album they recorded of the musical works of Argov. I hope that the lack of sleep is not making me overstate this, but, in my view, this is one of the most beautiful love songs written in Hebrew, and this rendition accentuates the song’s beauty…”
Udi Ben Sa’adya – Theatre Director